"Jules Coronado’s You Dance in the Dark captures both your attention and your soul from the first frame. It is a cinematic experience...more accurately it is a musical cinematic experience. Mr. Coronado’s choice to take an experimental path in framing his story is smart filmmaking and his visual eye is a master class in cinematography." - Oaxaca FilmFest
Claudia Pollet ignites a fireball of electronic dance energy as the face of Jules Coronado's chromatic masterwork

Artist: Jules Coronado
Actress: Claudia Pollet
Director/Producer: Jules Coronado

YouTube Music Charts
#11 in Caracas, Venezuela (3/9/2020 - 9/9/2020)

California Music Video Awards - Best EDM/Dance Music Video 
European Cinematography Awards - Best Music Video, Best Music Video Cinematography
New York Cinematography Awards - Best Music Video
Jade Jaguar Cinema Festival - Best Music Video (Quarter-Finalist)
Hollywood Verge Film Awards - Best Music Video
Madrid Film Awards - Best Music Video
London Rocks Film Festival - Best Music Video

Official Selections
Cinemagic Young Filmmaker 
Venice Film Awards
Hollywood Gold Awards
Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival
Lift-Off Global Film Festivals (London, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Manchester) 
Rocks Film Festivals (London, Los Angeles)

You Dance in the Dark is Jules Coronado's most elaborate cinematic and musical production. Intense energy, vibrant aesthetics and dark themes are the central elements of the music video. The song was produced with synthesizers from the mid 1990s, including the Korg Trinity, Z1 and Prophecy, which were heavily used in the era of electronica music in the UK that greatly influenced Coronado's work. 
After relocating to London and completing the song, Coronado attended the 76th Venice International Film Festival and met actress Claudia Pollet. The music video was in early pre-production and Coronado offered Pollet the solo acting role. Pollet accepted and the film was shot in early 2020 in Verona, Amsterdam and London. 
Coronado completed the film on June 1st, 2020. It premiered internationally on YouTube and was released on Apple Music on July 25th. You Dance in the Dark is Jules Coronado's most widely known production to date and is Claudia Pollet's debut release. The music video has been nominated for Best EDM/Dance Music Video in the California Music Video Awards and for Best Music Video in the European Cinematography Awards. 
Coronado and Pollet attended the 77th Venice International Film Festival to celebrate the completion of the film and held an industry premiere on September 5th, 2020.

Jules Coronado and Claudia Pollet, Venice 2020