One of Jules Coronado's most original works, Fieldbrook Livin' is the cinematic centerpiece of his accompanying musical album. Fieldbrook Livin' is a portrayal of the extremely remote Pacific Northwestern community where he was raised. Growing up in this area had a monumental impact on his creative vision and the locale became the subject of his passion during his junior year in high school. 
A unique element was adopted to the project of producing the film with vintage technology, making the film appear to have been produced in the early 1990s, associating itself with the early Hip Hop music era. Jules Coronado held a deep passion for this music scene and shot Fieldbrook Livin' with a Panasonic AG456UP video camera, recording hours of footage to five S-VHS tapes. He carried out an authentic costume design reflecting the era and did not allow any modern items to be present in the shoot. He also utilized locales which had not been altered or inhabited for decades. 
The footage was transferred to digital files and edited using the basic conventions of early 1990s technology such as colored filters, image distortion and slow motion. The film was then edited to a master VHS tape, achieving an extremely convincing vintage production. 
Fieldbrook Livin' premiered in the 2014 North Hollywood CineFest and was featured in the 2014 Humboldt International Film Festival where it won the award for Best Experimental Technique in a Film. Fieldbrook Livin' remains one of Jules Coronado's most proud and elaborate works.