Jules Coronado is a film, music and music video producer based in London who is best known as an auteur in the music video medium. 
In 2013 Coronado produced the Hip Hop album Fieldbrook Livin’, reflecting youth life in his Northern California hometown, and soon after produced and directed the accompanying music video of the same title. In 2014 Fieldbrook Livin' was awarded the Pablo Koontz Best Experimental Technique Award in the 47th Humboldt International Film Festival for its creative production technique. Following this Coronado began producing El Sueño de un Oso (The Dream of a Bear), a short film exploring spirituality and focusing on the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez. Coronado traveled to this locale and other surrounding areas where he gathered documentary footage of people, places and animals. The film was completed in 2017 and was Coronado’s first narrative short film. 
By 2018 Coronado had developed a strong passion for the British electronic music era of the 1990s and felt connected to it because of his birth in the UK during this time. He learned how to program synthesizers and acquired several which were prominent during this period including the Korg Prophecy and Clavia Nord Lead. He produced his first song of the electronic dance genre, You Dance in the Dark, from these instruments. In 2020 Coronado produced and directed an elaborate music video for the song with actress Claudia Pollet and has classified it as his greatest production. You Dance in the Dark has since been nominated for Best EDM/Dance Music Video in the California Music Video Awards.