The journey through life can feel lonely, but dreams remind us who we are and that there is nothing to be afraid of.
El Sueño de un Oso is a film exploring the meanings of dreams. Jules Coronado employs artistic shots of extreme desert landscapes, experimental compositions of animals and society, and an authentic exhibition of the metropolis of Ciudad Juárez, México. Beauty, hope, life's patterns and new beginnings are all encompassed in this intimate film. El Sueño de un Oso celebrates things both familiar and new and holds an important message of motivation for the future.​​​​​​​

Production of the Film
Jules Coronado wanted to make a film about the spiritual symbolism of his favorite animal, the bear, and in the summer of 2016 he began working on El Sueño de un Oso. Having several concepts and locales in mind, during January and February of 2017 he traveled throughout the American Southwest, gathering footage of locales and subjects of importance to him. He then reached his destination of Ciudad Juárez, México, and spent a week documenting life in the city. 
Coronado did not invent the structure of the film until he was far along in his journey. Just before arriving in Ciudad Juárez he acquired a handmade bear fetish near Santa Fe and decided to encompass the belief of the bear representing a guardian spirit who is present with a person throughout his or her life. He would construct this message through a composition of his chosen locales and subjects and a final scene featuring himself. 
The production contained almost no staged components and was shot much like a documentary film. Coronado documented everything he saw during his journey that he felt was important, and this footage constructed the majority of the film. He edited the film during the spring of 2017 and completed it at the same time of completing his undergraduate studies. 
El Sueño de un Oso was a major step in Jules Coronado's filmmaking passion and a powerful and significant personal experience. Coronado participated in the 68th Berlinale and screened the film in the European Film Market. The film has also become a part of the Guadalajara Film Market's video library.