Salvation of a Generation: Absynth Artistry 1999 is Jules Coronado's debut electronica album and the first of a collection of albums he will be producing over the coming years.
While influences from his previous work are present in the album, it is the first production to reflect his ultimate artistic voice and fully mature creative aesthetic, which makes it an intensely exciting, original and daring record. It is Coronado's most experimental work, and even psychedelic at times, delivering a circus of hard synth leads, heavy bass and high-energy beats. 
The creative purpose of this album is to preserve the power and importance of youth creativity expressed through the medium of electronic music and technology of musical synthesizers. Self-expression should not be inaccessible to anyone without a significant production budget or professional studio. In the late 1990's this vision was finally met with the advent of affordable technology that allowed teens and young adults without previous music production experience to create electronic music on personal computers, allowing young people with important artistic voices and low budgets to create music. 
This music is what Coronado considers to be one of the most powerful and culturally relevant art forms, and is what Absynth Artistry was created to communicate.