Kingdom Subject is a personal film exploring concepts of nationality, identity and a sense of belonging. Jules Coronado exhibits his own story of being born in England and growing up in the United States and arrives at a message for a universal audience. 
Jules Coronado wanted to make a film about his personal background, this being very important to him and his creative persona. He also recognized the opportunity to use his story as an important message to others. Coronado did not have a video camera or almost any budget for Kingdom Subject. When he found photographs of his early life in England which he had never seen before he decided to construct the film almost entirely from this material. He composed linear sequences of these images accompanied with matching soundscapes and narration. These techniques worked to generate the message of identity he intended to convey. 
Kingdom Subject screened in the Short Film Corner as part of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is one of Jules Coronado's most personal works and served as a landmark in his creative direction.